Dust Filters

Many machining- and production processes involving all kinds of materials produce finely grained dusts and chips. This is where L&E uses dust filters to protect man, machine and the environment. Meeting and taking account of the applicable industrial health and safety regulations is imperative in this context. Optimised piping design and routing extract dusts and chips and feed them to the filter where they are collected. Intake- and waste-air filters provide a clean and safe atmosphere in your production facility. Ease of use and long service life produce an effective, eco-friendly and cost-effective answer to the requirements of your works. Filter cartridges or bag filters are among the filtration media L&E uses.

Purification takes place by means of compressed air. The purification cycles are controlled either by pressure loss in the filter medium or by time. Application areas include saws and surface-grinding machines in the wood-working industry as well as the packaging industry, such as in can making with a high component of paint overspray at the spray batteries.

We reserve the right to make technical modifications on the grounds of continuous advances made in technology.


  • Better protection against inhaling paint mist
  • Greater cleanliness
  • Avoids risk of dust-explosive
    mixtures occurring